Dents Repair without Painting



Who needs it?


ЕIf your car has come to one of the following incidents:

– someone has unsuccessfully parked to you with the wrong stern or you’ve done it yourself (inadvertently, of course, or maybe you have not noticed a column);

– you’ve sat down on the hood (or placed someone on it), leaned on the wing, the door;

– you’ve put something heavy on the body surface (or something has fallen from above: a cat, an icicle – you never know…);

– you’ve been caught by the hail looks like hen eggs;

– someone has inaccurately opened the car door at the parking lot and now you have a dent on your car door.

Incidents can be different, but if you have got a dent or any compression mark – as it is called – we will fix it and without painting! With a small but very important condition: to remove dents without painting the paint-and-varnish surface of the car should not be spoiled!!!


What’s the gimmick of such dents removal?

– You do not need repainting (and therefore the car will not be corroded!), rubbing, polishing (if you want, we’ll polish the entire body);
– You do not need dismantling anything – we work locally;
– As a rule, it does not take much time!
Call, come, we’ll take a look (it’s free) and tell you if it is possible to repair the dent without painting.


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