Car Tinting

The best solution for the protection from parching sun, outside attention and interior burn-out.


Modern tint films are a product of high technologies. They are a multi-layered and multi-component material. The composition and amount of layers depend on service conditions which the film is intended for. Only professional tint films contain a special layer, protecting from aggressive external impacts. It prevents the film surface from scratches occurred usually while opening and closing windows.

7 reasons

Why do you need our tinting?
1. More than 10 years we make staying in a car more comfortable.
2. Performance quality allows working not only with domestically made cars, but with ones of the premium class.
3. Our specialists keep on professional growth and study up new technologies for offering best services in the sphere of auto facelift.
4. Warranty is up from 3 years.
[read more=”Three more reasons…” less=”fold up”]5. We use professional equipment and materials.
6. We are always on-line.
7. Accessible location aria.[/read]

Tint law

According to the change No.3 in GOST 5727-88 «The safe glass for land transport» light transmission of auto windshields must be no more than 75%, front door glasses – no more than 70%, other glasses are not capped. Windshields colored and tinted in a bulk must not distort the correct perception of white, yellow, red, green and blue colors.
Comment No 1. Light-protected stripe can be set up on the windshield with
[read more=”Read more…” less=”fold up”]the width no more than 15 centimeters.
Comment No 2. According to above-mentioned documents it is allowed to have completely tinted rear glass provided that a car or another vehicle is equipped by rear view mirrors from both sides (right and left).[/read]

Which film to choose?

A clear example of films’ light transmission


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