Car sound insulation



Do you need car soundproofing?

АAuto groups are in a running competitive struggle at the world car market.
They mainly focus on the car design and their goal is to produce low-cost cars, because low cost price leads to profits increase.
How exactly does the manufacturer save? The most obvious way to achieve the goal is through a reduction of raw materials volume.
Manufacturers do not provide full sound insulation of new cars.

A car with the sound insulation

Noise in the cabin is a distracting and tiring factor which affects the quality of driving, safety and comfort.
Noise insulation is not a luxury, but a necessity for comfortable movement.
It is also capable of improving the sound quality of a standard acoustic system.

The sound insulation of the cabin is the best way to reduce the number of decibels from:

  1. Sounds of the engine, transmission, exhaust system;
  2. External noise when the tires are on the road. Also we mean the wind, air flow from oncoming cars, precipitation.

To provide the car noise insulation you need to select the right materials. Then you should prepare the transport: dismantle the cabin, clean and degrease the surfaces that will be processed.
After that vibration-proof and noise-absorbing materials are installed. At the very end masters assemble the saloon again and provide a customer with a modified car with a high level of comfort.
It takes at least 12 hours to fully install the car sound insulation.


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