Car dry cleaning in Ulyanovsk

Gentle and professional care


You are in the section devoted to the dry cleaning of your second home – a car. So, closer to the point!

It is purely not only where nobody litters (this can be read in any entrance), but also where this purity is produced!

Our company is the official manufacturer of cleanliness and order inside the car (it’s about dry cleaning) and from outside (it’s about polishing).

Here are the methods we use:

  • Dry cleaning of the car interior (cloth and leather)
  • Body polishing
  • Headlight polishing
  • Protective coating of the body (liquid glass and ceramics)
  • Anti-rain coating for glass

And of course, only brand quality chemistry, tools and caring hands of a master!

PS: The purity in the saloon of your iron horse (horsie, deer, etc.) is based on two whales (yes, there are only two of them):

  1. Wet cleaning, vacuum cleaner, dry cleaning (if necessary);
  2. the regularity of the above procedures.


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