Auto glasses repair and polishing

“Preventive measures” or “better sooner than later”!


“We are going, going, going to distant lands …” – everything is as usual, but the song is interrupted by an unpleasant bang of the stone on the windshield of our (!) car from under the wheels of someone’s car (blow!).

  • As a rule: a glass chip or a crack on the windshield is guaranteed (the mood is spoiled definitely).
  • As with some types of injuries something can wait and something needs a visit to the doctor immediately!

This is the case when the sooner, the better!

Consequences of cracking

Metamorphoses that occur with your windshield are the following (there are not many of them, but they affect the process of repairing the glass): sand or road dirt penetrates into the resulting crack or chips, expanding the crack like a wedge and making additional fractures on the glass.

Besides the repair of the windshield full of dirty cracks is more difficult.


What to do

Before you come to repair the windshield you should do first:

  • stick up the crack or the chip with adhesive tape to prevent dirt from getting inside;
  • hurry to the glass repair and polishing station


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